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Francis Rubio

I specialize in creating accessible front ends for web projects and integrating them with APIs and back-end processes.

Layouts that work on iPhones, Androids, laptops, desktops, even devices that haven't been invented yet. With the power of modern web standards, I create layouts that work everywhere.
Take advantage of new technologies on the web while keeping sure your customers on older devices are not left behind. I employ backwards-compatible programming to make sure everyone can use your website.
Have as much power on your backend service or API, while giving your users a snappy and lightweight experience on their devices. With the power of static site generators, I'll give careful attention to how your website performs to make sure it's blazingly fast, so your users love you more.
Pixel-perfect just don't work on the web. So I give you an even better solution: intrinsic web design, a set of techniques that take advantage of what the web really is capable of. Your websites become performant and a joy to look at.
I can create web designs for your ideas, and transform them into working websites your customers can use. Want someone else to develop them into actual sites? I got you. I can export files for your developer, and also communicate with them to implement the design exactly as you got them.
Your website may be the most aesthetically-pleasing website in the world, but all of that goes to trash if your users cannot use it. By complying with the WCAG, I create websites that are accessible to as many people as possible.
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Proven skill in tech that just works

Front-end Development 6 years of experience

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

I have been a web developer for about 6 years now, and I spent two of those years teaching web development as well. As such, I have grown to have advanced knowledge of HTML. I can identify common accessibility issues and how to resolve them. I can also write correct markup with appropriate semantics. I can also do Search Engine Optimization.

Front-end Development 5 years of experience

Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)

I have an advanced knowledge of CSS. I can do responsive web design, progressive enhancement, and modern techniques. I have working knowledge on using CSS frameworks like bootstrap. I can also build you your own CSS framework and style our website from scratch.

Front-end Development 5 years of experience


When building websites, I reach for JavaScript only when necessary. More focus should be on HTML so webpages work for as many people as possible. JavaScript comes in to enhance the experience. I can build client-side integrations with existing REST APIs. I can also build accessible UI components without using frameworks. And I can do more than just the basics of JavaScript.

Front-end Development 3 years of experience

Sass (SCSS)

Sass adds more fun and power in writing CSS styles. I have worked on websites with Sass since 2020. A majority of my front-end projects use Sass.

Development Operations 4 years of experience


Version control will save you and your business by always keeping a backup copy of code. When a new patch update breaks your website, Git can revert back to a working version. I have 6 years' worth of working knowledge with Git. I have also several years' worth of basic development operations (DevOps) to go with it.

Back-end Development 4 years of experience


I focus on building front ends for APIs, but I am also very comfortable around building back end services. Node.js is my technology of choice when it comes to that.

Design 4 years of experience


When it comes to prototyping, mockups, or even the occasional graphic design, Figma is my design tool of choice. When presenting designs and concepts to clients, I either send them a link to a Figma presentation, or files exported from it. My working experience with Figma mostlyy focuses on mockups and prototyping, brand design, social media cards, and infographics.

Authentication, Analytics, Cloud Storage 4 years of experience


My work is around JavaScript, APIs, and markup (Jamstack sites) , and I use Firebase for my back end needs. I can build integrations that center around authentication and user management. I can also build integrations for cloud storage as well as analytics.

Static Site Generator 3 years of experience


I switched to Eleventy from Hexo and Jekyll for static site generation. It gives me more and easier control on how site pages are generated. I can build templates, plugins, shortcodes, and filters. I can also assemble a build system within the Eleventy ecosystem. My templating language of choice is Nunjucks and Liquid (which is also used by shopify).

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Social Media

Thoughts from the Void

Thoughts that I wanted to put out there but were too lazy to write longform. Opinions that would be otherwise too bland outside the confines of a character limit.

Okay, so in the original the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East (the one who's Dorothy's house fell on) wore silver shoes instead of ruby slippers. They changed it in the movie so they'd take advantage of the new Technicolor technology at the time.

In the musical they showed that the shoes were originally diamond-jeweled, but the Witch of the East couldn't walk, and the Witch of the West her sister cast a spell on her shoes so she could walk, turning it red in the process.

Friends used to tell me I have a lot of things to say. It was the thing that defined me at one point; when people think of "Francis", they think of pointless debates, ridiculous political correctness, and never backing down.

Two years ago, I came out publicly as bisexual. Wow, it's two years already.

This was the post that I wrote and published a month earlier in secret just so I could have a feel of what it's like to be out. A month later, I took this post to Facebook, where most of my friends and family are, and finally confirmed to them what they probably already know.



Me in Motion

Videos of me doing… stuff. Not necessarily about tech and software.


Shoutouts from the interwebs

When I screamed into the void, the void screamed back. And these are what they had to say.

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