Francis Rubio

I specialize in creating accessible front ends for web projects and integrating them with APIs and back-end processes.

Layouts that work on iPhones, Androids, laptops, desktops, even devices that haven't been invented yet. With the power of modern web standards, I create layouts that work everywhere.
Take advantage of new technologies on the web while keeping sure your customers on older devices are not left behind. I employ backwards-compatible programming to make sure everyone can use your website.
Have as much power on your backend service or API, while giving your users a snappy and lightweight experience on their devices. With the power of static site generators, I'll give careful attention to how your website performs to make sure it's blazingly fast, so your users love you more.
Pixel-perfect just don't work on the web. So I give you an even better solution: intrinsic web design, a set of techniques that take advantage of what the web really is capable of. Your websites become performant and a joy to look at.
I can create web designs for your ideas, and transform them into working websites your customers can use. Want someone else to develop them into actual sites? I got you. I can export files for your developer, and also communicate with them to implement the design exactly as you got them.
Your website may be the most aesthetically-pleasing website in the world, but all of that goes to trash if your users cannot use it. By complying with the WCAG, I create websites that are accessible to as many people as possible.
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Proven skill in tech that just works

Front-end Development 5 years of experience

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

I worked as freelance web developer for 5 years. I spent two of those years teaching it too. HTML is the foundation of a semantic website, helping it rank well on search results, and accessibility, helping your users regardless of age and abilities to use your webpage comfortably.
Front-end Development 5 years of experience

Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)

Since I worked as a freelance web developer for 5 years now, and also doing web development full time for a couple of companies, I can say I can use CSS comfortably. For example, I wrote all of the styles for this website by hand with no help from existing CSS frameworks or libraries. I am well-versed in responsive design using modern techniques.
Front-end Development 5 years of experience


When building websites, I reach for JavaScript only when truly necessary. Just like with CSS, I try to write my own JavaScript code whenever possible. I can build client-side integrations with REST APIs, accessible UI components sans the frameworks, and a little more than just the basics.
Front-end Development 3 years of experience

Sass (SCSS)

Sass adds more fun and power in writing CSS styles. I am no Sass expert, but who needs to be? All of the websites I have developed since 2020 have styles that are written with SCSS.
Development Operations 4 years of experience


Git is a version control manager for code. It makes sure that code for your projects will not go mysteriously missing, or that if you break something, you can safely go back to a time when your code is working perfectly. A working knowledge with Git is something that I am proud of.
Back-end Development 4 years of experience


Although I mostly focus on building front ends for APIs, I am also very comfortable around building back end services. Node.js is my technology of choice when it comes to that.
Development Operations 4 years of experience


Through the years, I have had several Github accounts. My web projects are mostly stored in git repositories hosted on Github. Its free hosting service, Github Pages, is also something that I have often used in the past before moving to Netlify. My knowledge with Github includes the basics, as well as creating organizations, organizing projects and timelines, managing and resolving bugs and issues, as well as tinkering with its security features.
Design 4 years of experience


When it comes to prototyping, mockups, or even the occasional graphic design, Figma is my design tool of choice. When presenting designs and concepts to clients, I either send them a link to a Figma presentation or PNGs exported from it. My experience with Figma mostly focuses on prototyping, but my needs for social media cards and graphics also required me to learn more of the advanced side of the software.
Authentication, Analytics, Cloud Storage 4 years of experience


Since I am building JAMStack sites more often than not, most of my backend needs are fulfilled by Firebase. I use this technology for authentication, user management, cloud storage, and analytics
Static Site Generator 3 years of experience


For static site generation, I switched to Eleventy from Hexo and Jekyll. Eleventy gives me more control on how site pages are generated. All of my web projects sinces 2021, as well as some from 2020, are all made with Eleventy. I have working knowledge about creating templates, adding plugins, assembling a build system, as well as adding shortcodes, plugins, and filters.
Development Operations 5 years of experience


For private repositories, I use Bitbucket. Its features are pretty similar. For clients that commission sites that don't want to open source their sites, I store the source code in Bitbucket repositories.
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🔥 Sick Picks™ 🔥

Things I use and swear by. An archive of things I use and how I rate them.

* Sick Picks is a reference to the Syntax.FM podcast


Me in Motion

Videos of me doing… stuff. Not necessarily about tech and software.

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